Latest digital marketing trends to grow your business in 2021

Now is the time, more than ever, to master your digital marketing strategy to get your business in front of more eyes. But prepare yourself for a journey rather than a two-stop trip – digital marketing is not a one-off effort, but rather an ongoing objective that needs daily monitoring. 

Here at SEOmoft, we’re obsessed with teaching our clients how to successfully navigate the often choppy waters of digital marketing trends. Our goal with this article is to help you learn and understand the latest digital marketing trends and shifts that will change how you work.

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Why are business growth strategies so important?

Growth strategies are important because they keep your company working towards goals that go beyond what’s happening in the market today. They keep both leaders and employees focused and aligned, and they compel you to think for the long term. Growth strategies usually start by identifying and accessing opportunities within your market. They go beyond your business and marketing plans, which detail how you’re going to meet specific business targets. A dynamic growth strategy can help you to apply the best strategy for your type of activity. When you know what you want and have a way to get there, you’ll avoid the pitfalls of making hasty decisions that cost you in the long run. 

Practical tips to help you grow your business this year

  • Highly optimized, mobile-friendly website;
  • Search intent;
  • Chatbot technology;
  • Push notifications; 
  • Social media;
  • Content marketing;
  • UX design.

Make your website highly optimized and mobile-friendly 

Here are three vitally important things any modern website needs:

  • Speed. Fast website page loads have always been an essential factor in UX and SEO. With the release of Google’s Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor, speedy pages are a priority for businesses in 2021. Faster loading times not only help your website rank better but also help increase conversions. If it doesn’t load quickly, potential customers will exit your page after no more than a couple of seconds. The quality of your website’s performance has a significant impact on your profit. So, ensuring that your website has fast loading times should be at the top of your to-do list.
  • Mobile-Friendliness. More than 65% of people use their smartphones for surfing the web and 63% of people complete a  purchase from the mobile-friendly version of the website. A mobile-friendly website also helps in positive ranking signals, enhanced user experience, and faster website load speed.
  • Security. Without a proactive security strategy and an HTTPS connection, businesses risk the development of malware attacks and attacks on other sites, networks, and so on.

Optimize for search intent. Potential customers will often find your website while searching for a solution to a problem or looking for a specific product or service. Optimizing for search intent lets you provide relevant solutions to your customers through content that has been specifically targeted towards different types of searches. By optimizing your content for a more specific type of search, you will not only boost your brand awareness but also drive more conversions, retain customers for the long term, and remain relevant.

Leverage chatbot technology. Chatbots continue to be an essential part of successful digital marketing trends and strategies. Chatbots are a modern-day marketing platform that is more conversational than general contact forms, helping you connect with your customers more effectively.

As of 2021, consumers expect to be able to find the information they are looking for online quickly and easily. And when a company can’t provide that kind of experience, it gets frustrating. Chatbots are poised to alleviate these frustrations by providing the real-time, on-demand approach that consumers are looking for.

Incorporate push notifications. Why is sending push notifications a good idea? The short answer? Because they work. Brands that send pushes see increases in engagement rates as high as 85%. They can be used to achieve a wide variety of business goals and are a highly effective means of sharing valuable content with your audience on their preferred device.

Through these notifications, you can re-engage people on your website and increase your number of conversions. Push notifications are now more personalized and sophisticated than ever before. From promotions and incentives to alerts, they’re a great way to get a real-time message across.

Use social media advertising features. Social media has changed how to do business. It allows startups to digitally get in front of a selected group of people to understand who their potential customer is and then target them strategically to increase sales. 

Given that 3.5 billion active users use social media sites every day. It’s no wonder that we believe these sites are very powerful and successful marketing tools. With 54% of people using social media for shopping purposes, it’s no gamer that every business owner needs to invest in it.

However, social media doesn’t have an overnight effect on your business. This is no “get easy rich scheme”. In reality, creating a presence and seeing the ROI takes time. Nonetheless, if you use these platforms properly, you can create long-term connections that surpass any advertising you might run.

Focus on content marketing. Effective content marketing has exceptional long-term benefits for your business and remains a powerful, reliable way to attract new customers to your website and retain them. SEO content writing has become a digital marketing staple. Google places a higher value on quality content and regular blog posts each year. We recommend businesses continually invest their time in developing an effective content marketing strategy throughout this year and beyond.

Follow user experience (UX) design trends.UX has really come into the spotlight in 2021. Google’s latest update is all about UX, and it is now a direct ranking factor. With more people than ever before currently working and shopping from home, user experience has a huge impact on your leads and sales. Make the best of the UI and UX design best practices and create strong and capable products that pay off.

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Closing Line

Digital Marketing plays a valuable role in shaping consumer behavior in today’s competitive world. It is important to plan and practice a digital marketing strategy that helps your business grow. 

To put it simply, change is required for your business to grow. With the digital landscape constantly shifting, the only way your business can thrive is by adapting and striving to embrace the new technologies and interactions your customers expect.

Interacting with customers in a timely and professional manner is a critical part of digital marketing because it demonstrates a business commitment to satisfying and listening to its customers.

Customer experience is everything, and by ensuring a positive customer experience, your business is more like to see repeat purchases, glowing reviews as well as recommendations to family and friends.

Remember that digital marketing is a multi-faceted and complex endeavor that requires a comprehensive and strategic approach. The trends described above are just some of the strategies you can incorporate into your digital marketing initiatives. Here at SEOmoft, we can decide which strategies you should prioritize depending on your business’s purpose, objectives, and scope. Contact us today for a free consultation!