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Elements of SEO Copywriting

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Keywords are a vital component of SEO copywriting. If you want your pages to rank in search results, you need to optimise your pages for relevant terms. When users search for relevant information, they use keywords to help them find the information they need. 

Understanding which keywords searchers use and how they use them is instrumental to ranking in search. To find the right keywords for your website, you must understand the important metrics associated with keyword analysis. Keyword analysis means exploring keywords in regards to the following attributes:

  • Keyword type
  • Searcher intent
  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty or competition
  • Associated SERP features

In your keyword research, you need to find out which kinds of intent apply to your keywords and try to match these search intents. 

SEO Copywriting Goals


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When users click on your listing in the search results, the first thing they’ll see at the top of the page is your heading. You want to ensure that you’re catching your audience’s attention as soon as they click on your page.

Your heading will help your audience determine if your page is still relevant to their search query after they’ve clicked on your page and search engines will also use this element to determine your page’s relevancy to a specific search.

If you want to write SEO content that ranks, you need to have a compelling and informative heading that encourages your audience to stay on the page.

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The content itself is a vital element of SEO copywriting. The first requirement for high-quality copywriting is to write original content. Your blog post or your article should be “fresh”, new, and original. It has to be different from all the other blog posts and articles that are already on the internet. It should be content that people will want to read. 

Content design is a process that helps you produce content based on actual user needs. It doesn’t just help you figure out what your user wants, but it focuses more on what the user actually needs. Thinking about your content in this way will help your user to get that content when they need it, in the language and format they need it.


Links play a critical role in helping your site rank better in search results. When you optimize your writing for SEO, you want to ensure you include internal links on your pages. Internal links are links to other pages on your site.

The links are valuable to your SEO because they help search engines discover and index pages they may not have found previously. As a result, more of your pages will have the opportunity to rank in search results, which means more traffic for your business.

Major search engines also look at how many links are pointing to your articles, so it’s a good idea to backlink your SEO web copy to increase search engine rankings.

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A Done-For-You
SEO Copywriting Process

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Readability is important both for your audience and for Google. After all, not only do people read your articles, but Google does too. If your text is well structured and clearly written it will have higher chances to rank well in the search engines. 

SEO copywriting is a complex writing project. In order to deliver content that perfectly meets your needs, we ask all of the right questions first. Each order comes with a questionnaire to make sure that the delivered content meets your exact specifications. 

We’re not building your content off one template. We research your competitors to find out what’s working for top results in your industry. We’ll also analyze the SERP for keyword intent. Here, at SEOmoft, we do not outsource our copywriting, so we control and take complete responsibility for the quality.

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