How to Improve your Website’s Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action on the website. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what’s stopping them from completing your goals.

Getting traffic to your website is only half the battle. Getting that traffic to do something once they’re there is the other half. Website visitors are relatively meaningless unless they take some sort of action, like buying a product, signing up for the email list, or reaching out through the contact form. So, how can you get more visitors to convert?

This article will outline proven strategies for getting your visitors to take action. When visitors take action you’ll be able to boost your conversion rates by reducing friction and optimizing your conversion funnel.

How CRO Benefits SEO

While not necessarily directly related to attracting organic website traffic or ranking on a search engine results page, conversion rate optimization has distinct benefits for SEO.

Better user experience (UX). When users feel smart and sophisticated on your website, they tend to stick around.  CRO studies what works on your site.  By taking what works and expanding on it, you’ll make a better user experience.

Enhance trust. In order for a user to share their credit card, email, or any sort of personal information, they have to genuinely trust the site.  Your website is your number-one salesperson.  Just like an internal sales team, your site needs to be professional, courteous, and ready to answer all of your customers’ questions.  

Better ROI. A higher conversion rate means making more of the resources you have. By studying how to get the most out of your acquisition efforts, you’ll get more conversions without having to bring in more potential customers.

Better Scalability. While your audience size may not scale as your business grows, CRO lets you grow without running out of resources and prospective customers.  Audiences aren’t infinite. By turning more browsers into buyers, you’ll be able to grow your business without running out of potential customers.

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Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

In order to optimize for conversion rates, you have to know where, what to optimize, and who to optimize for. This information is the cornerstone to successful CRO strategies.  

Create landing pages on your website. Landing pages are a crucial part of any online marketing strategy, or in a big corporation. If you’re using Google Ads or another form of PPC ads, it is necessary to make sure to send these visitors to a dedicated landing page.

Include a clear & compelling value proposition. The value proposition is a major thing that needs to be double-checked on your website. Tell potential buyers what’s special about your product. How is it different and better than every other, similar product on the market?

Remove distractions. The more visual inputs and action options your visitors have to process, the less likely they are to make a conversion decision. Minimizing distractions like unnecessary product options, links, and extraneous information will increase the conversion rate and essentially reduce the speed page.

Include testimonials and reviews. Reviews and testimonials encourage website visitors to make a move, and up goes your conversion rate. Use them on product landing pages as well as on your email opt-in landing page. In the long run, it helps in building brand credibility.

Add calls to action (CTA). Every great page has a call to action. Incorporate CTAs if the page simply ends with a dead-end. When you flat-out tell a website visitor what to do, they’re likelier to do it than if you just hope that they’ll figure it out on their own. A meaningful, well-placed CTA can drastically improve your website conversions.

Do A/B testing. Businesses expect their visitors to take action on their websites. You might think you know what converts, but the only true way to know is to test everything and measure the results. The more optimized is your funnel, the higher is the conversion rate. Do A/B testing and compare effectiveness and results. If you can’t measure and compare it, you can’t know if it works.

Reduce or totally remove risks. Whenever there’s a transaction, there’s a risk. In many cases, the vendor has the buyer carry most of the risk and monitoring them. Reducing your bounce rate helps to boost your conversion rate. Once you understand that conversion architecture, you can develop a clear content strategy that will grow your business.

Offer various payment methods. Consider offering a variety of payment methods to satisfy the preferences of all your potential customers. You can gain additional revenue for your business by extending an e-commerce option for consumers, incorporate mobile wallet acceptance for your business, and gain more customers with more payment options.  

Apply sales copy best practices. Improving conversion rate is often about making your website sales copy more persuasive. Repeated case studies have shown that making even small improvements or tweaks to your copy can influence your conversion rate. There are many elements of sales copy you can and should test, the most important one being the headline.

Publish more blogs on your website. Adding an informative blog is an effective way not only to drive traffic to your website but also to increase the conversion rate. A great-written blog provides the perfect means for educating your visitor, and building trust in general. When it comes to driving conversions, trust is critical.

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Final Thoughts

Website is your most important channel for business communication and in fact, is the face of your brand. Delivering the right customer experience and using your website for customer acquisition are a few key metrics you should aim to achieve, but also to act as a gateway to increase sales significantly. 

The role of conversion rate optimization is to ensure that your digital presence is as effective as it can be. Remember that the key to a highly converting website is to test, test, test. What works for one website, audience or niche may not work for another, making it difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving optimal conversions. Figure out what works best for your business, and then run with it. Whether it allows you to make smarter decisions, boosts your revenue, or both, we think you’ll agree that CRO is a great way to improve your website and get more conversions!

If you have any further questions about the conversion rate optimization process or its benefits, feel free to contact us at any time. We can’t wait to hear from you!