Helping Small Businesses Sell. The 4 New E-commerce Features from Facebook

Facebook Shops make it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. Businesses can choose the products they want to feature from their catalog and then customize the look and feel of their shop that showcase their brand. This means any seller, no matter their size or budget, can bring their business online and connect with customers wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. In this article, we’ll discuss the new Facebook E-commerce features that help retailers get their products in front of more customers and drive sales. 

The new update includes the next 4 features:

Bringing shops to more places. Once a Facebook Shop is set up, products are eligible to appear in the Shop tabs on Instagram, and Facebook. Businesses in the US can now choose Marketplace as an additional sales channel. Businesses in several countries can showcase their entire Shop in WhatsApp. Now, WhatsApp users can browse a Shop’s inventory, get product information, and chat about specific items prior to making an acquisition.

Customer reviews on Instagram. Over the next few months, customer ratings and reviews will be expanded to products in Shops on Instagram. When this feature rolls out it will include photos and videos in addition to written reviews. These changes will help users make more informed decisions on what to buy and will let businesses know if they are meeting customer expectations.

Personalized Shop Ads. Facebook is launching new ads to personalize the shopping experience and point customers toward a Shop’s curated collection. Shop ads will have the ability to send shoppers to where they are most likely to make a purchase based on prior shopping activity. In the future, Facebook is planning on adding ways to help businesses further personalize their ads by providing special offers or promotions to select customers.

Expanded use of AR. Facebook is developing new APIs that will make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for brands and advertisers to bring AR into their catalogs. Facebook is bringing augmented reality to a new ad unit that will automatically show relevant products to people based on their interests, encouraging them to “try it on.”

Benefits of Social Commerce for Small Businesses

Social commerce facilitates the functionality of E-commerce directly into social media platforms. As buyers move to the small screen for everyday purchases, streamlining the checkout process is key. Social commerce removes the drop-off points that can result in abandoned transactions. So, nowadays, social commerce features are emerging across a number of platforms, creating new opportunities for brands big and small.

Facebook E-commerce Features Update
Getting in front of more potential customers. Traditional brand loyalties are wavering as people buy more online. When it comes to brand reputation, the buying experience is just as important as the product itself. Social commerce features streamline that first purchase, creating a winning customer experience that people want to repeat.

Converting customers where they are. A majority of consumers say that their social media usage has increased over the past year. So, to meet your customers where they are, you should aim to offer more opportunities for engagement on social media. Social commerce features create a natural next step for customers who already love your awareness content. 

More reviews and recommendations. If your business is new to selling online, your social media accounts are the perfect place to begin establishing much-needed social proof. When shopping online, your buyers can’t necessarily test or try on your product. Reviews can be the key to making an educated purchase decision. Your social content attracts new followers into your funnel, social commerce gives them a chance to purchase and leave reviews in one centralized location. 

Getting useful data on your customers’ social habits. Social commerce features give you direct access to your customers’ social profiles. Savvy sellers can use this information to confirm the existing voice of customer research against real examples. Combine these insights with routine listening practices to create more inspired conversion experiments. Findings can inform messaging A/B tests, CTA optimizations, and more, so you can make a bigger impact with your target audience using social habits.

Ways to Increase Sales on Social Media

Be where your audience is. The first rule of social media marketing is to use the platforms that your audience uses. First, look at your target demographic and try to find out where they’re most active. You can choose to be everywhere, but that might be a bit too time-consuming. Once you’re on the right social media platform, you will have a better chance of reaching your target audience. Consequently, when you can reach your target audience more effectively, your chances of driving sales will improve.

Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors. Your existing customers can become effective brand advocates if you can entice them to promote your products in exchange for freebies and discounts. Conducting keyword and hashtag searches related to your brand or product name on social media will help you find people who are already posting content about your brand. The way to turn customers into brand advocates is by going the extra mile for them. They’re already satisfied customers — now’s the time to “blow their minds” and make them want to spread the word. Having fans or happy customers isn’t enough — building long-term relationships with customers that are centered around trust and providing unique value is the key to encouraging advocates to speak on your behalf.

Create valuable content to educate your audience.  The content should be engaging to your audience, and compelling enough to entice them into making a purchase. Provide value instead of noise and truth instead of misinformation. Making use of this kind of “informational” content gives your product a broader context, and it gives potential customers ideas about how to use it.


Social media has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers interact, and social commerce is its newest frontier. Now is the time to be adaptable and lean into change. The earlier you experiment with social commerce, the faster you can scale later. As a small business owner, you need to ensure that your brand is highly visible to a relevant audience. And take advantage of the opportunity to use content that will engage, entice, and compel potential customers to try your products or services.

It’s also crucial that you make it easy to purchase your products through social media platforms when the option is available. The goal is to minimize any hassles or steps that might dissuade people from making a purchase. That is why Facebook is making it even easier to buy stuff while you scroll the platform’s feed. Yes, Instagram Shops and Facebook Marketplace are already displayed prominently on the apps’ bottom navigation tabs. But now, you can shop on WhatsApp too, taking advantage of other updates as well.

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